Collocation: the other key to IELTS 7 (5 of 8)

Collocation: the other key to IELTS 7 (5 of 8)

Time to Practice

Can you ‘fix’ the following sentences by changing (or removing) the underlined word? There may be different ways to answer this. The answers will be in the next ‘collocation’ post.

  1. When criminals murder someone, the victims of this disaster suffer forever.
  2. Coeducation allows students to create relationships.
  3. Lactose intolerance can make diarrhea.
  4. I hope this can answer all your problems.
  5. It is a medicine to kill insects.
  6. Academic courses own the highest price.
  7. They cannot get rid of cigarettes easily.

Answers to Collocation 4 of 8

Here are the answers to the previous collocation exercise. The first sentence has the wrong collocation; the second sentence has the correct one.

  1. Guns could cause a disaster.

Guns could cause a tragedy.

  1. This can increase the opportunity of fighting.

This can increase the possibility of fighting.

[‘Opportunity’ is for positive things.]

  1. This can contribute to some negative impacts.

This can cause negative impacts.

[Again, we ‘contribute’ to positive things.]

  1. Living alone has more freedom.

Living alone gives/allows more freedom.

  1. The government should promote the dangers of smoking.

The government should warn of the dangers of smoking.

[And again, we ‘promote’ positive things.]

  1. Many people are serious smokers.

Many people are heavy smokers.

  1. People are forced to smoke second-hand smoke.

People are forced to breathe second-hand smoke.

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collocation the other key to ielts 7 5 of 8