Concision: the key to IELTS 7 (3 of 8) // Let’s practise being concise


Let’s Practice Being Concise (3 of 8)

Try making the following sentences more concise.


Customers can confirm the quality of the items and ensure the products are suitable for their needs. [17 words]


They can find the cheapest price, to lower their expense, and that way save money for other purchases. [18 words]


Recently, I have been told that I have been accepted … [10 words]


Books are highest, and these are followed by newspapers, which are less than books by 20%. [16 words]


As a role of mother and father, they want … [9 words]

Answers and explanations will be given in the next post.

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concision the key to ielts 7 3 of 8 lets practise being concise