Get Ready: 30 posts, all designed to help you get IELTS 7! It starts with the next post!

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Okay, I’m on holiday at the moment, but teaching IELTS Preparation is in my DNA, and I still want to teach. So, I’ve prepared 10 posts each on the three issues which you need to well and truly conquer if you want to get IELTS 7! Let me put that another way. Do you want to get an IELTS 7?

If the answer is yes, then you need to master ….

Issue One: Logic

Issue Two: Concision

Issue Three: Collocation

Yes, this are the biggest problems with many Taiwanese IELTS candidates. One needs to write (1) logically. Students also often ‘overwrite’, or follow bad models which use words for the sake of words, going in circles and not saying much. In other words, the writing isn’t (2) concise. Finally, being unfamiliar with English, students often put together words in awkward combinations. In order words, the (3) collocation is not good.

The public version of the IELTS band descriptors implies the need for (1) logic (= ‘logically sequences ideas and information’), (2) concision ( = ‘clear progression thoroughout’) and specifically mentions (3) collocation two times – and these are all under the IELTS 7 and 8 band scores !!!!

To sum up, if you can master these three issues, you can aim for these sorts of scores.

Get ready everyone. To repeat, there will be 30 posts, with explanations, exercises, and answers. It all begins in the next post.

get ready 30 posts all designed to help you get ielts 7 it starts with the next post